Simplify online sales order management & processing with our Sales Order Management System that is a comprehensive, web-based solution enables you to automate your company's sales order process. Our team has developed a user-friendly Sales Order Management system that will help restructure your Sales and Order Fulfillment processes.


  •   Sales order creation and processing.
  •   Quickly convert quotes to orders and order to invoices without duplicate entry.
  •   Individual ship dates by line item.
  •   pricing models including Price ID, quantity breaks, customer levels, price structures, specific customer pricing and promotions.
  •   One-click access to product availability lookup.
  •   Single or split commissions payable on shipped orders or paid invoices.
  •   Automated interface to Accounts Receivable.
  •   Optional link to directly create purchase requisitions from transactions.
  •   Setup of return policies to authorize return.
  •   Automated retrieval of related sales order details for return order creation.
  •   Support of different order delivery methods and types (BOPIS, drop shipping, ship-from-store, same-day delivery, etc.).
  •   Generation of picking and packing slips auto-populated with the details from a related sales order.
  •   User-configurable order lookup includes lookup by order number, date, customer's name, PO number, customer phone number and item sold.
  •   Order filtering (by customer, date, status) and order status tracking.
  •   Order history per customer.
  •   Bulk order processing.
  •   Support of pre-orders and backorders.
  •   Order execution rules (e.g., automated order approval for shipment if the required number of items is in stock and the order is fully paid).
  •   Automated inventory reservation via integration with inventory management software.
  •   Support of partial order fulfillment.

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