Our e-learning application is a full featured Learning Management System with different modules and ready to use by education institute and training organizations. You will find all necessary components for administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses or training programs. Admins/Instructors can administer tests and other assignments, track student progress, and manage record-keeping. With our LMS schools can deliver all forms of learning - online, blended, synchronous and asynchronous.

Application and Modules:

Core Modules
User Management This module will allow you to register learners' details (first name, last name, address, current learning status) can set their passwords and arrange their profiles as per the requirement through the user management module.
Course Management The course management module consists of resources and activities. Resources include files, pdfs, word documents and course management module manage these resources. Admin will be able to embed YouTube videos or mp3 or mp4 files into the system. Activities comprise of discussion portal, quizzes that will help you measure students' capabilities, certificates that learners will be able to download as per their course completion.
Reporting Reporting module, as the name suggests, compiles a report of learner's status in course completion or their course activity data are summed up as reports and generated in the reporting module. Learners can look into the analyzed report and know where they lack in learning and training.
Roles Management Module LMS will have roles and permissions to customize the system for every user profile that comprises student, administrator, instructor role. With our LMS, you can create roles such as teaching assistant role, different manager roles, etc. and can assign them to users.
Student Module When a learner or student logs in to the learning portal, he/she should be able to access the course with ease. This implies learners should be able to easily access the course they are supposed to complete in the given time limit. In the same way, if the course is unfinished, learners should be able to easily come back to the incomplete course and resume their learning instead of redoing the course.
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