We began our journey in 2015 to revolutionize the software industry. At Emerald Techno Limited, we are committed and passionate in providing our clients with high quality, client-oriented excellent software solution to help them in optimizing and streamlining their professional processes and operations. Our services do not just end after we successfully install the software, but also extend to software development services and initiatives. We have competent staff and employees that showcase professionalism, outstanding work quality, and high attention to detail.

We always use industry standards procedure focusing on 5 main areas in sofware development:

  • Usability
  • Speed
  • Security
  • Responsiveness
  • Eye catching design

Successful cases
in 8 years.

We follow these steps from planning to execution to reduce the risk for both parties:

  • Step 01: Project Launch Meeting
  • Step 02: Project Plan Defined
  • Step 03: Business Process Review
  • Step 04: System Design Meeting
  • Step 05: Additional System Development
  • Step 06: Data Loading
  • Step 07: Training
  • Step 08: Go Live
  • Step 09: System Support
  • Step 10: Post Deployment Review
Free Initial Consultation



  • Business requirements specification
  • Technical Guidelines
  • Software requirements specification
  • Planning structural solutions with hefty quality output, total quality Design
  • Develop software with automation system
  • Maintenance and support system
  • Upgrade to cope up with latest technologies and advancement
  • Planning with most fitted instrument to make a flexible and friendly support for our clients


Management Team

Our management team consists of experts and innovators in the field of technology, business and visionary that lay the founding stone of the business. The team has made it from initial phase to today's business stance with full-fledge, completely own set of variety of operations. We always value each individual and highly appreciate everyone's new ideas that is effective for the business and the clients.

Core Technologies and Frameworks We Use:

ASP.NET CSS3 Microsoft SQL Server C-Sharp HTML5 CSS3 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery Visual Studio Nodejs Angular React .NET Visual Studio Code MongoDB React Native


To produce innovative solutions in the field of Software Development, IT Services and Business Analysis with maximum effort driven towards customer satisfaction.


To build upon a reputation of being one of the most innovative IT solution and service provider.


Quality - Technology - Innovation - Customer Satisfaction - Win Together
Emerald Techno Limited has a dream of evolving into a well-known reputed IT company, ensuring that the solution being delivered include best practice in IT industry with the chosen area of technology.